color roomEarlier, tiles were only used in the bathrooms. Then, they started getting used for flooring in homes. But now, thanks to the modern interior designs, tiles are being used in a very innovative way! Especially the ceramic tiles, which are made of clay, are extremely attractive and decorative. And the best part, they come in innumerable colours and designs, so you can easily match them up with your existing d├ęcor.

So we have brought five different ways in which you incorporate the latest and impressive trend of tiles in your home!

1.Tiles for wallscolorful tiles for wallWe love the wallpapers alright, but since they have become a little too common nowadays, we would suggest you to for tiles. You can opt for different colours or maybe even just a single colour, and create a pattern of your choice. You can go the funky way or the subtle way or any way you want, but we assure you that the wall covered with tiles is going to look fabulous!

2.Tiles in kitchenColorful-kitchen
Kitchen is one of the most interesting places of the house, but only in terms of the food it produces. So why not make it interesting in appearance also? There will be a lot of empty spaces between the cabinets and counters, so that is where the colourful tiles will take their place! If you want your kitchen to look cheerful and lively, use fruity colours. You can also use different tiles with different designs and arrange them in an attractive pattern!

3.Because highlighting is important!staircaseThere are certain areas of your home which are very prominently noticed, but are not decorated accordingly. Then tiles can become their best friends! Spaces like patio, verandahs or the entry gates can be beautifully decorated with Spanish or Jaipuri tiles in different styles. You can also highlight your staircase to give it a lavish feel!

4.Furniture made of tiletableSounds strange, right? But the idea is extremely innovative and impressive! Tiles can be used for side tables, dressing tables, coffee tables or even at the head of the bed! You can even these tiled tables in the patios and verandahs, which will perfectly complement the flowers and plants present there.

5.Tiled cabinetsdecorative-cabinetsBored of the ages old wooden cabinets? Anybody would be, because it has been centuries since people are seeing them. So buy tiles in pretty designs and cover your cabinet. But make sure to lightweight tiles as the ply board would already be very heavy.

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