Balconies are not just an extra platform outside your bedroom or living room. They are much more than that. Whether it’s a romantic rainy evening, cool breezy night or even that sunny winter afternoon, balconies are actually your companion when you want some peace and alone time.

Not everyone is blessed enough to enjoy the company of a balcony in their house. So when you have it, why take it for granted? This weekend, when you are bored, just follow these interesting yet simple ideas to transform your dull balcony into a happening one! Go for bright colours or go for pastels, but show your balcony its importance.

Here are some inspirational ideas to bring out the creative side of yours to decorate your balcony in the best way possible –
Simple Balcony Decor Tips
balcony 1Tips for simple Balcony! Simplest way to make your balcony look pretty. Just put some old wrought iron chairs along with a few old fashioned lanterns which you no longer use. Once done with this, look for some strings of lights left from last Diwali and hang them too! You will not believe what these little things will do to your balcony and make it look bright and interesting!

Romantic Balcony
Colorful-Balconies-2Decor tips for Romantic Balcony! If you want to enjoy your evening with your special someone in a beautiful opening amidst nature, then no place is better than your balcony. Remember that sofa cum bed which you have and you think it is outdated now? Well, not really! Shift that sofa cum bed in your balcony with lots of pillows and cushions. Light the place with candles and strings of lights. If it is cold, you can carry a quilt too! And you are all ready to woo your special someone! Have wine, dinner or just heart-to-heart conversations. And sparks are sure to fly!

Small Balcony
Colorful-Balconies-3Decoration tips for small balcony! If you have a small balcony and you think you cannot do anything to it, then you are totally assuming things. That is because small balconies can be the coziest and cutest! Liven up your small balcony with lots of green plants to give it a fresh look. Bring your old settee and rugs to the balcony. Experiment with colours and mix-and-match! With these tips for cute, little balconies, your space for chilling is ready.

Big Balcony
Colorful-Balconies-4Decoration tips for big balconies! If you have a big balcony then you extremely lucky. You can have cozy get-together here with your friends and loved ones. Just put a big couch in the balcony and convert an old wooden box into a center table! Put some plants and lights in balcony, and you are all set to organize a dinner party here!

Cosy Balcony
Colorful-Balconies-5Decor tips for cosy balcony! If you consider your balcony a place to actually chill, relax and read books then go for this classy arrangement of the balcony. Choose your favourite pastel colour for balcony and try to harmonise everything in that colour like the sofa-chairs, the small table and even the curtains. Keep the look minimalist and classy and not chaotic! And your balcony will actually help you soothe your mind after a tiring day.