TOPKitchen being one of the most important parts of your living space, it becomes a really difficult and confusing task to choose the most appropriate colour scheme for kitchen. It should look beautiful to the eyes to the eyes but at the same time should have a calming effect on the family members. Sounds like a complex job? It won’t now, because we bring to you the most lovely colour combinations for your kitchen –

1. Blue and TanBlue and tanIsn’t blue liked by everybody, whether it be clothes, shoes or cars? But that is not the only reason we chose this combination. Anybody who has always been in love with the beaches and always wished to have a house alongside the coast, this combination will give you the same feeling! Okay, so there will be no water or sand but at least the same colours can fulfill some part of your wish! Since blue symbolizes peace and calm, this combination looks evergreen adding depth and meaning to the kitchen. It looks out of the box but without being a showboat.

2. Lime, Grey and Off White Lime, grey and off whiteHaving a bold and bright colour dominating the kitchen can be disturbing sometimes, but having small tints of bright colours here and there can totally add a vibrant touch to your room! And when talking of bright and vibrant, lime is the colour for the kitchen! Tints of lime with neutral colours for kitchen like off white and grey can make your dull kitchen look happening meanwhile maintaining sophistication and class.

3. Striking Orange and Black!Striking orange and black!“Orange is the new black”, this statement is hundred per cent true because it is the most trending colours for the kitchen! And orange combined with black is a delicious treat to the eyes! To neutralize the bold and striking effect, the ceilings and floors should be of white colour.

4. White and ChartreuseWhite and chartreuseChartreuse is a colour that gives a retro effect to the kitchen! People who love the vintage time, then this colour combination for kitchen totally works in your favor. It will maintain the demeanor of a modern kitchen also.

5. Aqua and RedAqua and redThis is a peculiar colour combination for kitchen with which people are not able to associate themselves with. This is because it is rare and needs a creative imagination! And in this world where everything is common, being peculiar is what is appreciated! This combination of red and aqua in the kitchen seems like it is inviting people as it looks very friendly. Also, the freshness of these colours is full of youthfulness which will constantly give us a positive feeling!