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In home décor, the trends keep changing at a frequent rate and following all the trends can be really tough. In fact, following every trend can be a little heavy on your pockets too. But don’t worry there a few home décor tricks that can never go out of style and are perpetual! So this time, no need to aimlessly follow the trends, and opt for these timeless and everlasting tips to make your home beautiful!

1.Accentuating coloursBeautiful-IndianThe colours in style change every year. But changing furniture according to that colour every year or getting the walls painted in those colours can be cumbersome. Therefore, the best way out is to choose other accessories kept in the room in that colour like the vases, pillows or even the paintings. These are easy to change every year in different trending colours.

2.Minimalistic is Evergreen!2Simplicity is the best policy! We must have heard this a hundred times before but its best application is in home décor. The less shelves/tables you have, the less cluttered your home will look and the best part is that you’ll have to clean less! The same has to be applied to the furniture. Choose furniture that complements the size of the room so that the room doesn’t look cluttered.

3.Stick to natural lighting3There is no light that can enhance the beauty more than the natural light. If you are buying new coverings for the window, buy those which let an ample amount of light to enter. Natural light NEVER goes out of style!

4.Choose Grey4Grey is one colour that can never look outdated. One of the most classy colours of all times, every tone and hue of grey will have everlasting impact on the beauty of home décor be it, walls, accessories or counter tops!

5.Proper storage5hThe first impression which anybody gets of your home is whether it is clean and organized or not. And for keeping everything organized you need to follow the system of smart storage. Smart storage includes everything from wrought hooks to vintage bookshelves to colourful boxes! Smart Storage will automatically make your home look clean and welcoming!

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