topMake your living room more lively with few decor suggestions for living room. This is the place where you, together with your family, friends visitors will be chilling, watching television, entertaining your guests or carrying meaningful discussions. And it just helps if the place for doing so many activities is attractively decorated! It just adds up to the pleasure of even sitting there and doing nothing.

So, here are some easy decorating tips for living room to spice it up in all new way!

Brighten upBrighten upIt’s utterly important to drop old school ideas of the colour of the walls. White, being the most common of them, dulls up the entire feel. Go for bold colours like red or calming colours like blue for lively effect. This will also instantly attract your visitors!

Wallpapers are not just for mobiles and laptops!Wallpapers If you still haven’t gotten used to the idea of beautiful wallpapers on at least one wall of the living room , then it is high time my friends. Economical to buy, easy to maintain and lovely to look at, wallpapers are the most ‘in’ thing this season! Floral or geometric, 3d or abstract, buy them is various designs available and transform the look of your living room!

First step! carpetWhenever you enter a place, is it your foot that you set in first. And if that foot falls on a beautiful thing, the first impression is everlasting! Yes, you got that right! We are talking about the carpet! An impressive carpet in your living room can add up to the ambience giving it a vintage feel!

Do it yourself! old chair a new look by painting its frameIf you have always been creative with handmade things, this hack is just for you! do you have paint left from the last time you the changed the wall colours? Do not throw it away! Give the old chair a new look by painting its frame with this leftover paint! Bored of the curtains? Sew fancy trims on its edge and give it a makeover! You now know what creative things to do this weekend and you can thank us later!

Light, come here!light come hereNobody likes to sit in a dingy room with no light. To be very honest, it depresses you! So if maybe of late you were not feeling good in the living room, it may be because of the insufficient light. Therefore, it is very important to let the sunlight enter the living room to bring positivity in the environment. For this, remove those bulky fabric curtains and replace them with sheer curtains to maintain freshness in the living room.

Try New Printssofa colorIf you are bored with your sofa sets after every few days and want to change it? But obviously it is not feasible because of the high costs involved! Don’t you worry people, because we can solve this for you! Buy some eye-catching cushion designs of cushion cover like the zebra prints, polka dots or the floral prints and see your old boring sofa become young and lively!

Lamps are Life!Lamps are lifeIf you only buy lamps to light-up a place then you are highly mistaken my friends! Along with lighting up the place, they serve an equally important purpose of decorating that space. Buy beautiful lamps that will make a style statement even when they are switched off!

Mirror does the work! Mirror does the work!How many times has it happened that you walked into a showroom or a mall and instantly felt important and royal? Ever thought of the reason? This is because of so many mirrors present there. So give that royal feel to your living room by positioning big beautiful mirrors there!

Because Oxygen is Life!oxygenFor those who say they don’t love nature are purely lying! Everybody wants that fresh air of oxygen whenever possible to rejuvenate themselves. Along with this, plants are just plain beautiful! Place small pots of plants like money plant or jasmine plant or bamboo plants that bring luck too! these will make your living room beautiful giving it a fresh feel with oodles of positivity.

Time to clocks!Time to clocks!Yes we know you have mobile phones or expensive wrist watches to look at the time, but nothing can beat the feel of a big antique wall-clock in your living room! Hang a big old fashioned wall clock to tell the world that being digital is not always beautiful!

Live the way you wish in your home. Apply 10 inspiring ideas to decorate your living hall and see the change!