You may come across terms you are unfamiliar with as you read through your electricity bill. While it is crucial to understand each of these terms, there are a few that you must be familiar with. The ‘Consumer Number’ is one of these terms.

As the name implies, each individual consumer’s Consumer Number serves as a distinctive customer identifier. Each state and board may have a different maximum length for the consumer number. Consumers can easily locate their consumer number on their electricity bill. They can also check the amount of their electricity bill online or download a duplicate copy of their bill.

Following are the steps to locate your consumer number on your electricity bill:

How to Locate the Consumer Number on an Electricity Bill?

Your consumer number can be easily found on your electricity bill. It is possible to check it on any of your previous or current bills. Find your consumer number on your Paytm electricity bill by following these simple steps:

  • Visit Paytm’s  Electricity Bill Payment page.
  • Choose your ‘State’ and ‘Electrical Board’.
  • Select the district and type, if applicable.
  • To view your Consumer Number on the electricity bill, click “View Sample Bill.”

The consumer number can be used to check the amount of your electricity bill or to download a copy for backup purposes. Your consumer number will be saved in the application once you pay your electricity bill through Paytm, making it simpler for you to check the amount of future bills and pay them.

What Are Some Other Names of Customer Identification Number in Electricity Bill?

Customer identification numbers, or identification numbers on electricity bills, are known as “consumer numbers” and are specific to each and every customer. Different states and boards have different types of customer identification numbers. Some of them are listed below:

  • CA Number in Bihar Boards
  • Account Number in Chandigarh, Daman & Diu
  • BP Number in CSEPDCL – Chhattisgarh
  • Contract Account Number in Goa Electricity Department

Consumer ID, Consumer Code, Business Partner Number, Account ID, and other terms are also used to refer to consumer identification numbers. Regardless of their various names, their goal of providing consumers with a unique identifier remains the same.

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