Builder fails to pay electricity dues, due to that DHBVN disconnected the power supply of Raheja Mall. The shop owners of the mall protested in front of the Sohna Road mall on Monday.

Protesters formed their associations for better management of the mall and alleged that they have paid maintenance and electricity charges to the developer but he didn’t deposit the money to the distribution company. The developer charges high maintenance costs and was not providing any facilities to them.

Meanwhile, the developer purported that many of the shops were closed and hadn’t paid while they collected maintenance and electricity charges, and they have run out of funds to pay electricity bills.

The power supply was disconnected on October 31 due to outstanding dues of electricity bills. On a partial payment of Rs 10 lakh, the supply was given back for a week on the condition that the remaining amount will be paid in a few days, the mall failed to pay the dues leading to again disconnection of the power supply on November 12.

Shop owners said that 80% of the mall’s air-conditioners are not functioning despite of this Raheja is charging high maintenance costs of Rs 33 per sq. ft.

A shop owner of the mall, Mandeep Singh said, “The developer has collected Rs 12 lakh from us for maintenance. But due to the poor maintenance, no one is ready to take shops on lease in the mall.”

“The developer has to pay us several crores which were not paid yet for the past three years,” said Jagmal Thakran owner of 31% of the mall. Thakran said that they had collaborated with the developer in exchange for providing land for the mall.

Realcare, the facility management company of Raheja Mall, stated that the maintenance of the mall is currently supervised by the administrator appointed by the Gurgaon district registrar, who issued notice to all shop owners for clearing their outstanding dues.

It said that some individuals are not paying electricity and maintenance charges and staged a protest to force others to the cessation of their operations as a strategy to avoid clearing the dues.

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