On Saturday, the East Delhi Municipal Corporation decided to conduct a survey of weak buildings in areas under its jurisdiction after a two-storey building collapsed in Nand-Nagri, which resulted in the death of one person.

East Delhi Civic body to survey weak constructions
East Delhi Municipal Corporation decided to survey weak buildings in the areas under its jurisdiction

Beer Singh Panwar, the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the EDMC, and other senior officials of the EDMC told ET news agency that they visited the site of the mishap and got the rescue work started as soon as possible.

He said that the building was a little over 10-years-old and it seems that the landlord had “tried to do some extra construction after a crack had occurred on the ground floor level”

“We have decided that the EDMC will conduct a survey of all such weak buildings and have such buildings evacuated so that there is no risk of loss of life, and such incidents can be averted,” Panwar said in an interview with economic times.

Later, in a statement, the EDMC said as per information received, a two-storey building having a 22 sq. yards area which has collapsed in the Nand Nagri E-block area was old but the owner was erecting extra columns.

The incident created a hustle, 3 people were injured and one person walking on the road has died. The road has been cleared of debris.

According to officials, six fire tenders were rushed to the spot after the fire department received a call around 1:30 pm about the house collapse in an automobile market in Nand-Nagri.

The shops on the ground floor of the two-storey building also collapsed in the incident.

The family members of the owner of the house were also injured in the incident said EDMC panel Chief Panwar in interview after the incident.

On Friday, a meeting was held and it said that the commissioner has already directed officials to mark dangerous buildings and take necessary actions as soon as possible.