Residents are complaining that they have to register afresh for accessing the portal because their old 15-digit UPIC (unique property identification code) is not working.

NEW DELHI: There are only two weeks left for filing the advance property tax online, residents are facing issues while depositing it, even after making multiple attempts.

Residents also reported that their receipts of last year’s transactions are also unavailable online. Residents question the purpose of spending so much money on developing the portal.

Residents who managed to get into the portal after fresh registration complained, the system was not working well, many residents shared that they hadn’t even received their UPIC card. A resident commented “While the corporation motivates residents so much for filing the tax online, their own system is not operating properly, which is why they are now holding camps. This is dissuading those who want to use the facility from home.”

Amira Gore, a resident shared “The system was hanging repeatedly, and I didn’t get the OTP. I made another attempt this Wednesday and, thankfully, succeeded.”

To solve this UPIC issue, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has announced that a 9-digit number will be allocated to each property in the future. An official informed “It has been observed that the users/taxpayers are creating multiple UPIC IDS for the same property while filing details online. This usually happens when a taxpayer forgets the first ID and applies for a fresh one. Now we will issue the nine-digit number for each property, then the UPIC card.”

A civil official claimed “With a few days left, the rush has increased online, which may have led to slow functioning. Things have improved this year and the majority of people are not facing any problems.”

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