Interest rate for home loan is an important factor which every borrower weighs carefully before applying for the loan. The banks or financial institutions offering home loans or loans against property also called home equity is different depending whether one is applying for fixed rate of interest or floating rate of interest on loan. Applying for a home loan is amongst the biggest financial decision of one’s life and there are internal as well as external factors that affect the decision making therefore selecting the best interest rates is important and one must consider the features and benefits of both.

In this article, we have tried to explain the concept of fixed and floating rate of interest for the benefit of the borrower.

Difference between Fixed and Floating Interest Rate

Fixed Interest RateFloating Interest Rate
Higher Interest RateLower Interest Rate
Not affected by financial market conditionsAffected by changes in the financial market
It has Fixed EMIsEMIs change as per interest rate or MCLR
Budget planning is possibleDifficult to budget or manage financials
Sense of securityGenerates savings
Suitable for short/medium term (3-10 years)Suitable for long term (20-30 years)
Risk chances are lessRisk chances are higher

Fixed Interest Rate

Customers who opt for Fixed Interest Rate have to repay the home loan in equal and fixed instalments as per the tenure of their loan. The advantage of choosing a fixed interest rate is that it would never change even if there are fluctuations in the Indian financial market trends.

Floating Interest Rate

Interest rate which keeps on changing as per Indian financial market conditions is termed as Floating Interest Rate. It depends on the base rate offered by multiple lenders, so whenever the base rate changes, the interest rate is automatically revised. In comparison to fixed interest rates, floating rates are comparatively cheaper.

In today’s time, the floating interest rate has become more popular and is considered the first choice by home buyers. Even NBFCs and banks are offering home loan interest (floating) at a lower rate.

Choosing the fixed or floating home loan interest rate option will depend on the preferences, needs and financial profile of the borrower. One needs to consider all the factors discussed to finalizing the best option. The choice of loan has a material impact on the eventual cost of the home.

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