topWe live in a world full of constant stress, tensions and anxiety and we cannot blame anybody for it. That is because this is the way of living we have chosen for ourselves. Office pressure, peer pressure, financial pressure, all these have taken over our lives. And we have no other option other than coping up. And talking of coping up, think about this – when you are really stressed, what is the first thing that you would want to do? You just want to run to your home, curl up in a ball and stay away from this cruel world for a while! And that is what the whole point is – Your home is actually your De-Stress’er’!

So, we have brought some easy tips to decorate your home and rejuvenate in such a way that it de-stresses you!

1. Let your senses live their life!Let your senses live their life!Create your home in such a way that all your sense organs get some peace and fun at the same time. Put your favourite works of art and photography, spray a welcoming fragrance, listen to tranquil music, keep fluffy rugs and quilts and lastly, shoo away all the electronic gadgets dominating your life. This will give a lavish treat to your senses and you will see the tensions leaving your shoulders for a while.

2. Say hi to green plants and flowersSay hi to green plants and flowersGreen plants in home destresses you. There is a reason why green plants in home are given so much importance and we keep ignoring it! But start keeping green plants inside your home because they give you oxygen which in turn removes toxins. Apart from removing toxins, keeping green plants and fresh flowers is the most natural way of relieving stress.

3. Avoid artificial lights when sleepingavoid artificial lightsNot many artificial things are good for health, and same applies for artificial lights too. Therefore, these lights should be avoided as much as possible, especially while sleeping. During daytime also, let natural light enter your home because a dark house will take you towards depression. Lights make house free from stress and negative elements.

4. Try doing something productive instead of watching TVTry doing something productive instead of watching TVWatching TV at a stretch for long hours is a very addictive habit to get rid of. This habit makes us lose out on our valuable time which we can utilize to do something productive or maybe, use for our hobbies. So here is what you have to do – Make a list of all the things you day dream about doing but never seem to find time to live to them. These things can be like painting, arranging your cupboard or it can even be a session of casual talks with your family members over a cup of coffee. Pick one of these every night and stick to it, instead of watching TV.

5. Set up the table beautifully!Set up the table beautifully!Even if you have the simplest of the meals, make sure that your table is set in an organized and classy way. Put elegant cutlery, attractive napkins and decorative candles to actually build up the mood for eating. It is also a way of indicating that of gratitude towards what we have. But apart from all this, if you have your meal in a way that makes you feel de-stressed, you entire day will continue like that!

6. Clutter-free bed, clutter-free mindClutter-free bed, clutter-free mindNo matter how much you have to hurry up in the morning or in a how much in rush you are, it is very important to take out a few minutes to make your bed. We may find it very inconsequential to make the bed in the morning when you can easily do it in the evening, after returning from work. Cluttered beds have a stressful effect in house and thus, a  psychological impact on ours minds. Smoothen up your bed and you will have at least a peace of mind.

7. Prepare for the next day!Prepare for the next day2Waking up to various things in disorder can be disturbing for the entire day! So after having your dinner at night, take out 10-minutes stroll across the house to put things in order. Toss the washable clothes in the laundry basket, put away old newspapers, clean the used utensils and ready your clothes and bag for the next day. This 10 minute hard-work will make you feel relieved for the next day when you wake up.

These tips for home distresses you from every aspect. Try these if you think these are merely myths of minds.

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