Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Commercial Office Space

Investing in office property can be a massive deal. Real property funding requires a notable deal of interest to calculate its benefit as well as the loss side. With the positive sentiments in real estate, the industrial area is witnessing a considerable high in demand. t not only assures a better rate of returns as compared to residential properties, but the commercial property value also experiences greater appreciation as compared to residential ones. But while buying a commercial property, the following elements must be considered.

Dishonest Schemes

The commercial property market is, now, flooded with numerous lucrative offers that include assured returns to investors. Sometimes enticed with such schemes customers use to purchase for such business spaces. At times, a few Builder fails to complete their commitments and investors end up with much less income as assured.  Secondly making an investment in office property and some other likewise projects at initial stage involves a higher amount of risk because the project may get delayed due to delay in approvals or so.

The Risk

The quantity of danger is inversely proportional to the development of the project i.e. the quantity of danger is maximum on the initiation of project and begins diminishing as the project progresses. So, the risk factor is maximum when the project is under construction; minimal when the project is completed and no risk when it is rented out. Hence, making an investment in under-construction residential property involves huge risk while real estate investment in the case for office property in particular involves diminished risk. But at the same time, a building with a tenant on lease is not 100% risk-free as the tenant may vacate the property and you may be able to find soon another tenant. In such cases, the property will remain vacant and you will lose upon the amount of premium paid for that property over an under-construction one for that period.

Due Diligence

Any project that has a big scope of proposed infrastructure has a big ability of price appreciation as well. While selecting a commercial project with a view to investment, one must assure the project quality that must have well-connected roads and highways. If you’re making an investment in an under-construction project, you should make sure that the supply by the completion of the project is not greater than its demand as such circumstances will yield returns much lower than expected.


Location plays an important role in the quantum of appreciation of a property. The office spaces that are near or quite accessible from the commercial hubs are likely to yield more returns and is expected to appreciate better in terms of pricing as compared to others. The upcoming commercial hubs like Noida and Gurgaon wherein maximum of the MNCs look for office spaces, to expand their operations have more rental value as compared to the adjoining areas Faridabad and Sahibabad. MNCs generally look forward to leasing a commercial property instead of buying it hence the investor has a huge scope of earning substantial rental income by investing in office spaces in upcoming commercial hubs.

Transportation Accessibility

Another key factor determining the appreciation of an office space in near future is the transportation facility associated with the location of the project.  Obviously, such locations have more worth than the remote locations and MNCs also prefer to hire such office spaces for the sake of convenience of employees. Employees have to travel every day to office, projects with good transportation accessibility plays a vital role in employee retention and thus this factor ranks high on the considerations while renting an office space.

Neighboring Infrastructure

With major developments in neighborhood infrastructure, the price of a commercial property is likely to appreciate in multiples. With better infrastructure, the commercial properties are able to draw attention from emerging MNCs that are looking to expand their operations and opting for renting office spaces.  Like the commercial spaces in Noida and Gurgaon come with the infrastructural developments like Metro and multiple flyover projects which has surged the prices as well as demand for the office property in these areas.

However, each prime commercial space with a prime location comes with a prime price. So, each investment avenue shall be compared on the basis of the amount invested as well as the expected return out of it. With the boost in commercial activities and higher prices of the commercial segment, this sector is surely experiencing a huge potential of investment yielding rental income.