Classic-curtains-style1Curtains! Even just the word has so much relevance attached to it. Can you imagine your home without the curtains? No, you just can’t! Curtains have a huge role to play in your home décor. Just plain simple curtains can completely transform the house. They add character, beauty and charm to any place. Moreover, curtains are not something that you buy every other day, they are a long-term thing. So, various factors have to be kept in mind and considered while buying the perfect curtains for your home. So here are those important factors that you must consider before you head for curtain-shopping!

Here we go –

ColourcolourThe first thing which leaves you confused before buying curtains is deciding the colour of the curtains. Obviously, the colour of the curtain has the biggest significance in the role that curtains play. And therefore, the colours of the curtains depend on the theme colour which the walls of your home décor have. If you have white coloured walls then you should go for green, violet or purple coloured curtains. If you have lot of indoor plants then go for white, yellow or purple curtains their beauty will be enhanced by the plants. Similarly, keep the different elements present in the room in mind to let the colour of the curtains complement them!

FabricfabricThe next most important thing is choosing the appropriate fabric of the curtain. Curtains look great in different fabrics like silk, polyester, lace, linen, suede, velvet etc. linen can be used to give a casual appearance to the home décor while velvet looks formal and classy. On the other hand lacy curtains allow a lot of light to enter inside the home and polyester curtains are affordable. One thing to be kept in mind is that the silk curtains are damaged if they are exposed to too much sunlight. So, keeping these factors in mind, choose the fabric of your curtain very wisely.

MeasurementmeasurementAccurate measurements while buying curtains is as important as buying the correct sized clothes for ourselves. Too long or too short have never looked on anybody, and same applies to curtains. The length and width should be totally accurate. Firstly, the inner recess of the window should be measured horizontally. After that 8-9 inches should be added to each side so that you can push the curtains on the sides. Because, what are curtains if they don’t have gatherings!

PlacementPlacementThe placement of the curtains can totally enhance the look. You should fit the rod of the curtain a little above (around 4-6 inches) the window. By doing this, the curtains come closer to the ceiling making the ceiling look higher than it actually is. As far as the fall of the curtains is concerned, you can make it fall just an inch above the floor, just an inch above the window or six inches below the window.

Fitting with length and widthFitting with length and widthCurtains can be secured on rods with the help of using grommets, clip rings or rod rings. Pleats of different kinds also add fullness and sophistication to the décor. If you want to arrange two sets of curtains together, then use double drapery brackets of rods.

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