TOPPeople who love nature, love keeping aquariums in their homes too! Aquarium is a perfect miniature version of the vast ocean. The concept of aquarium in itself is very beautiful. Green aquatic plants, clean blue water and the most important, beautiful fish! What more can you ask for! You can just stare at the aquarium for hours and feel entertained but at the same time extremely peaceful. It even has really positive effect on kids. But it’s really confusing as to which fish to keep in the aquarium. But your confusion will run away in a short while as we are going to tell you the most suitable fish to keep in the aquarium! Here we go –

Gold FishGOLD FISHThese are one of the most popular kinds of fish which come in various colours and sizes. These are perfect for beginners who initially have an unheated aquarium. They are the most comfortable in temperatures between 62-74 degrees Fahrenheit. Gold Fish are quite clumsy and therefore 10% of the water should be changed every week.

Daniosdanio-fishDanios are perfect for first choice in the aquarium as they can survive in a variety of conditions. They are tiny and chirpy and therefore love hanging out in groups near the rim of the aquarium. They are not even choosy with food! They catch attention because of their bright horizontal stripes and their movement near the surface of the water.

Black Skirt TetraBlack-Skirt-Tetra-Black Skirt Tetra is a very calm and friendly fish which needs to be kept in groups or at least in a pair. They are very foodie which is the best part about them and can eat almost everything you give them! as they are peaceful and calm, they need a few hiding places for their alone time. So place some rocks and plants as their hideaways! You will often see them in the middle of the tank.

PlatiesplatiePlaties have numerous varieties from which you can choose. They are very social by nature and adjust with other fish in the aquarium. They are live-bearing fish which results in giving birth to young ones quite frequently. But sadly, their off-springs are eaten by other fish in the tank. Since they come in a variety of colours, they are bred in different combinations to produce bright and vibrant young ones! They like freeze-dried food. But the amazing part about them is still left! They consume algae which sometimes develop in the aquariums ultimately cleaning it.

Bloodfin TetrasBloodfin-TetraAs the name suggests, they have blood-red coloured fins and shiny silver body. They are extremely hardy and adaptable fish. They are always moving because of their active nature. But at the same time they are shy and peaceful. When kept in group, Bloodfin Tetras happily move around the aquarium.

Black MollyBLACK MOLLYIf you want several varieties of fish in a single tank, then Black Molly should be your first choice. It can adjust itself to fresh as well as saline water. It results in a certain amount of freedom for beginners. Perfect temperature for them is 70-82 degrees Fahrenheit. They are also live-bearing and often end up producing babies when there is a male and female in the group that you have kept. But, it’s weird that Black Mollies eat up their own babies if there is not enough vegetation for the young ones.

Bettabeta-fishIf you want to spice up the sight of your aquarium, then you have to bring Betta fish in it! As its other name, Siamese Fighting Fish, suggests, they have a fighting nature. If your aquarium has more than one Betta, they start fighting among themselves. So it is suggested to keep only one Betta in the aquarium.