Vaastu tips for bedroomBedroom is the most private and peaceful area of your home. It is the place where you relax and get sound sleep after working hard the whole day! A good night’s sleep takes off all the fatigue from our exhausted body and gives us energy to work even harder the next day. Therefore, to obtain this relaxation and peace, Vaastu is considered very meaningful for the bedroom.

We bring you some useful Vaastu tips which can be easily followed –

1. Orderliness and cleanliness 

Orderliness and cleanlinessThe first and foremost rule of Vaastu Shastra for bedroom is orderliness and the same should be followed in bedrooms also. Studies show that people who have cluttered bedrooms have harder time sleeping peacefully at nights. Unnecessary things in the bedroom are an invitation to unnecessary confusion in the mind and life. Only stuff that is validating your life and is tranquil, should be kept in the bedroom.

2. Bathroom door should be shut

Bathroom door should be shutThe most common mistake we all do after using the attached bathroom in our bedroom is leaving its door open. Since bathroom is basically a place to dump waste, it is said to have the energy of the Hades. Leaving the door open can affect your life in education, money and health. So, the next time you use the washroom, don’t forget to shut the door just to save a few seconds!

3. Correct sleeping positions 

correct sleeping positionMost of you must be wondering what exactly is sleeping in a correct position because we have never really given a thought to it! Sleeping in the correct position implies sleeping in the correct direction according to Vaastu Shastra for bedroom. It suggests sleeping with the head facing towards the south or east direction and legs towards the north direction. It should be made sure that the head is never towards the north direction as it causes disturbance in sleep and unwanted dreams!

4. No TV or Computers!! 

No TV or ComputersWe all have developed a bad habit of keeping the televisions in the bedrooms so that we can lie comfortably while watching it. Same is the case with computers. What we forget is that they emit harmful radiations even when they are switched off! According to Vaastu rule for bedroom, the first effort to avoid this should be to remove the TVs and computers from the bedrooms. If that is not feasible, then at least cover them with a cloth when not in use.

5. Mirror Rules 

Mirror RulesPlacement of mirror in the bedroom is of utmost importance. A mirror should never be placed in front of the bed as it causes a lot of stress and disturbed sleep, as per Vaastu rule for the bedroom. It should always be placed at either side of the bed.

The above mentioned rules are merely the basic but important vaastu rules for bedroom best to the knowledge of an expert. However, the Vaastu Shastra also work upon the location of home and direction of bedroom. Hence, it is highly advisable to consult Vaastu Expert before applying any Vaastu rule to your bedroom.

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