topWhether it’s that morning tea in the fresh breeze or a cozy get together for drinks on a windy evening, your garden remains a very special part of your home. The greenery, the freshness and the beauty is all that you want outside your home. And since it refreshes your soul and is always at your service, you also have a certain responsibility towards it! Everything needs care and nurturing to grow, and so does a garden. So fold your pants up a little bit and get ready to give your dull garden (which you have ignored for a while now) a delightful makeover with these vibrant flower pot ideas!

These simple and extremely innovative flower pot ideas are easy to follow but are sure to perk up your garden making it even more lovable! Here we go –

  1. Bicycle PlantsBicycle PlantsAs weird as it may sound, it looks exotically beautiful! If you have that old bicycle lying getting rusted, then please go back in time and remember how you were taught to recycle things! Yes, you have to recycle your bicycle into flower pots! Just attach some beautiful and old-fashioned baskets (whatever size you feel is appropriate) to the handle bars in the front and carrier at the back. Choose climbing plants for this as they will cover parts of bicycle too, making it look just out of this world! 
  1. Flowers In GumbootsFlowers In GumbootsSo you have some gumboots which you think are too outdated or your feet have outgrown them? If you have, then please DON’T throw them away! They will make for very pretty flower pots. Just take gumboots (in different colours if possible) and hang them to the fence of your garden. Use colourful plants and flowers for the plantation inside it, and your guests or even the people passing by are sure to get impressed. They may even your steal your idea!
  1. Vintage Drawers Flower PotsVintage Drawers Flower PotsFinally the old drawer which you were bored of can be finally put to some creative use! Bring that old drawer in the garden and paint it with the colour of your choice. Then you just have to make some holes at the base with the help of drilling and you are all set for planting!
  1. Huge And Old Books Which You Never ReadHuge And Old Books Which You Never ReadEverybody has those ancestral books which are huge in size but too boring to read. But now they can be used as something, which you never thought of! Cut and make a hole in the middle of that scarily huge book and use it as pot! It can be used for plants that do not grow too much in size and are small. You keep it on the table in your garden and you can flaunt your intellectual side to with Book Flower Pot! Remember to use only those books which a have hard cover.
  1. Flower Pots In A Cage!Flower Pots In A Cage!The word ‘cage’ makes it sound like some sort of a trap but it’s quite opposite to that! Buy an old cage from a second hand store and start planation inside it. You can use creepers or colourful flowery plants or anything of your choice, and hang the cage at a place which enhances its beauty the most. These cage flower pots add a lot of rustic and vintage charm to the garden!