Unique lighting tips for a perfectly lit bathroom

Bathrooms used to be considered solely functional areas. In modern years, however, the bathroom has become a preserve of peace and relaxation for various. The right lighting in the bathroom plays a prominent role, as it enables exposure to avoid accidents on the one hand and prevents shaving or make-up accidents on the other. But light can perform so much more! It alters a cold, functional area into your very own, private spa, where you can relieve tension and pass over your tense day.

Our guide gives useful tips on how to develop flawless light for your bathroom.

  1. Daylighting

Nothing can beat natural daylight for illuminating your opinion and forming the circadian paces that control wake/sleep cycles. There’s a big and thriving body of scientific literature around this phenomenon. That’s why it’s excellent to create a bathroom with as much natural light as conceivable. If planning to comprise one window, why not have two? —especially if they can be on adjoining or opposite walls to equalize the brightness. To skip the popular issue of large windows over the tub that is constantly covered to deliver privacy, why not switch to bottom-up shades so you have daylight and views with secrecy?

  1. Surround your mirror with lights

The general lights that are fitted in the bathroom are just sufficient for ambiance but are not suitable for getting ready and beauty tasks. The general lights are fitted on the ceiling which may also create lines and shadows across the face of the person using the mirror. So, in a bathroom, place a pair of sconces or vanity lights on both sides of the mirror to get the best lighting possible while using the mirror. In case your mirror is large, placing lights on both sides can be difficult. So, in that case, a horizontal vanity light should be placed just above the mirror.

Quick tip – When the placement for vanity lights is being done, the fixtures are to be mounted at least a distance of 28 inches apart. Also, they should be 60 inches above the floor so that the bright lights are at a perfect level with your face.

  1. Layered lights for your bathroom

Just like you have different moods for lighting in your living room and bedroom, the bathroom also becomes a victim of your moody nature! You need bright light in the morning but when relaxing while taking a bath in the tub, you prefer dim and soothing lights! And you don’t have to worry about that since this switching off lights can be done easily. You can fit a light dimmer in the bathroom which can regulate the intensity of the lights. Light dimmers are there in LED, incandescent, and fluorescent lighting.

If your bathroom is large enough, a decorative fixture can be fitted on the ceiling light. Tiny chandeliers can change the mood to romantic and soothing when you turn off the other main lights.

  1. Use some shower power

The shower enclosures you use can create a lot of disparity too. A dark, lumpy enclosure will cut back whatever sunshine you get, urging you to switch on those electric lights. It is nicer to go for airy, open designs instead. These days, you’ll discover a bunch of attractive walk-in shower enclosures that look wonderful yet minimalistic. The glass doors and panels won’t hinder any natural light, so you will rise to exhilarate and sparked from your morning shower, even if it’s a quick two-minute affair.

These are some modest tips and tricks that can be easily adjusted to bathrooms of any size and the distinction is instantly striking.

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