The Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act came into existence with the motive of protecting the interests of homebuyers. According to RERA rules, all developers/agents and real estate projects in the country must be registered with RERA on the official RERA website for their state. Every state has its own RERA Act which regulates activities of real estate in its own ways. 

RERA Tamil Nadu 

The Tamil Nadu RERA Act refers to the regulatory authority established by the state government to ensure efficient and transparent real estate transactions and other activities in the state. 

RERA Tamil Nadu has jurisdiction over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in addition to the state of Tamil Nadu. Homebuyers have the right to go to RERA to have their dispute resolved and receive compensation if any discrepancy is found in the details and information.

RERA Tamil Nadu was introduced in March 2016 in response to a component of the RERA plan. This concept regulates every aspect of Tamil Nadu’s real estate industry and all activities that are maintained under the standard RERA Act. 

Functions of Tamil Nadu RERA

The Tamil Nadu RERA Act has the following key goals:

  • It encourages developers and homebuyers to uphold their legal rights.

  • It provides speedy resolutions of disputes

  • It establishes the procedure for real estate development and construction.

  • It aims to create a friendly environment for all real estate activities and investments.

  • It encourages efficient and up-to-date project execution. 

  • It contributes to increased accountability in the real estate industry and the transactions that occur within it.

  • It works to establish a transparent culture in the state’s real estate sector.

TNRERA Rules and Regulations

The Tamil Nadu RERA rules and regulations are divided into 9 and 20 chapters, each with its own set of responsibilities. 

The following are the significant TNRERA rules and regulations as outlined in these chapters:

  • Examining the documents that a promoter must submit in order to register a TNRERA real estate project.

  • Accepting promoters’ disclosure in light of existing projects

  • Considering the terms and conditions when approving or rejecting a TNRERA registration

  • Taking care of the agents’ application and registration renewal

  • Using a systematic process to resolve complaints

Registration Process for Promoters

By submitting Form A, promoters can register a real estate project under the TNRERA Act.  As a promoter, you have to fill Form A and send it to the Tamil Nadu RERA office, with the complete set of all the required documents.

The information that must be provided on Form A is listed below:

  • Basic details of the promoter/ developer

  • A copy of PAN card of the promoter

  • Service Tax Registration Number

  • Tax Identification Number Registration

  • Value Added Tax Registration Number

  • an estimate of the project’s real estate costs

  • Information regarding the registration fee that was paid

  • No-Objection Certificates, Permits, Approvals, and so forth. 

  • Form B declaration

Services Offered by TNRERA

The RERA Act in Tamil Nadu provides agents, promoters, and homebuyers with a variety of services as follows-

Services for homebuyers

  • Homebuyers can file an online complaint under RERA Tamil Nadu against developers in case they violate the provisions of the TNRERA Act

  • On the official website of Tamil Nadu RERA, they have access to all the records and information pertaining to real estate projects that have been registered under RERA and that have been submitted by promoters or agents. 

Services for promoters

  • Promoters can file grievances online.

  • They can register real estate projects under TNRERA

  • They may request a project extension.

  • They can update data pertaining to registered projects every three months. 

Services for real estate agents

  • Real estate agents can file complaints online.

  • They can renew their registration at the RERA Tamil Nadu official website. 

Project Registration Fees and Charges

The followings are the Tamil Nadu RERA Fees and Charges that developers and agents must pay in order to register their property under TNRERA- 

For Residential buildings 

INR 10/square meter of FSI area for a residential project where the dwelling unit size is lower than 60 square meters

INR 20/ square meter of FSI area for all the other residential projects

For Commercial Buildings 

INR 50/ square meter of FSI area

Site approvals, layouts, and sub-divisions

INR 5/ square meter of the plottable area excluding EWS plots

Other projects

INR 25/ square meter of FSI area

Registration Fees For Real Estate Agents

Here are the Tamil Nadu RERA Fees and charges that need to be paid by the developers and agents for registration under TNRERA-

For an individual, the registration charge is Rs 25,000 

For anyone other than an individual the registration charge is Rs 50,000

Required Documents for Real Estate Agent Registration

Following are the required documents that need to be submitted while registering a real estate agent with Tamil Nadu RERA –

  • A copy of the PAN Card of the concerned agent 
  • Address Proof of the concerned Agent/ Partners/ Directors
  • Registration Certificate in case of any Companies or Firm
  • Address Proof of the Registered Office premise
  • Passport-sized photographs of the concerned Agent/ Partners/ Directors
  • ITR for the previous 3 financial years

Registration for a Real Estate Agent Under TNRERA

Here is the step-by-step procedure to register a real estate Agent with RERA Tamil Nadu- 

Step 1- First of all, you need to visit the Official TNRERA Portal.

Step 2- Click on the “Registration” tab.

Step 3- Now, select the “Agent” option. 

Step 4- After that, choose the “apply online” option. 

Step 5- Select from the options, whether you’d like to apply as an “Individual” or a “Firm”.

Step 6- Moving to the next step, you will be redirected to a page where you have to choose the “New Registration”  option for creating an account to proceed with the registration. 

Step 7- Fill up the required details for creating a new account. You have to fill in details including your name, email address, and phone number along with a password. 

Step 8- Enter the captcha code that is given and click on the “Create New Account” tab. 

Step 9- After clicking the “Create New Account” option, your username and password will be sent to your registered email ID and mobile number. 

Step 10- By using the username and password log into your account on the TNRERA portal, after you choose from the options of whether you are registering as an “Individual” or “Firm”. 

Step 11- Enter the captcha code and click the “Login” option. 

Step 12- Enter all the required information there including name, type of registration, company registration, and PAN. 

Step 13- After entering the details, attach the required set of documents. 

Step 14- Now, make the payment of the applicable fees. 

Step 15- You have to declare in the final stage, which is the fourth section of the form, by attesting that all the information and supporting documentation you have provided is accurate. 

Submit the RERA registration form once you have completed all of the form’s criteria. 

How to File a Complaint Under TNRERA

You can file a complaint with the RERA Tamil Nadu or the Adjudicating Officer. To file a complaint you are required to fill in the required details in mentioned below forms –

  • Form M- It is used to file complaints with the agency responsible for overseeing the real estate. 
  • Form N-The complaint is submitted via it to the adjudicating officer.

How File a Complaint Before Real Estate Regulatory Authority

Below are the steps that you need to follow while filing a complaint before the Real Estate Regulatory Authority- 

Step 1- First, download Form M from the official website of Tamil Nadu RERA. 

Step 2- Now, fill in the required details including the name of the complainant, their address, the name of the respondent, and their address.

Step 3- Make the payment of Rs 1000/- to register the complaint and Rs 600/- for the postal charges. 

Step 4- After paying the complaint registration fee, you will get a complaint number generated, keep it handy for future reference. 

After submitting the form you have to provide three sets of copies of your complaint with the set of all the necessary documents duly attested to the RERA authorities. Ensure that the documents is being submitted within 7 days of filing a complaint and within 10 days if you filed it with Andaman and Nicobar Island. 

The Process to File a Complaint With Adjudicating Officer

You need to follow these procedures to file a complaint before the Adjudicating Officer-

Step 1- Download Form N from the RERA Tamil Nadu official website, which will be available in the Download section. 

Step 2- Now, fill in the required details in the form to register a complaint with the Adjudicating Officer. 

Step 3- You have to submit three sets of copies of the complaint duly attested with all the necessary documents. Keep in mind that you must pay a fee of INR 5,000 for submitting the complaint and INR 600 for postage.

Step 4- You can submit this form in person or via registered post. 

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