supertechThe Noida Authority officials have taken the decision to monitor and examine two societies – Supertech Emerald Court and Supertech Capetown – to check if there is any kind of disobedience in following the safety norms and also to check the quality. The homebuyers of these two societies had a meeting with representatives of the developers and also the Noida Authority Officials, and the decision was taken after that.

The homebuyers discussed everything in a direct way with the builder and based on that, the officers of Noida Authority decided to visit the site themselves, to get a better understanding of the situation.

As per the CMD of Supertech, the electricity problem faced by the Supertech Capetown in Noida is because of the huge power cuts by the electricity corporation of Uttar Pradesh and the developer should not be blamed for it. Secondly, the scarcity of water is a problem because Noida Authority is inefficient in supplying the water properly. The developers told the Authority that they have provided a department facility for the aid of homebuyers and the department will try to solve the issues by the homebuyers as soon as possible.