noidaThe chief executive officer of Noida Authority has announced that an idea of forming a specialized cell for homebuyers is being pondered over. This specialized cell for homebuyers in Noida will give all the legal information to the homebuyer about the realty project.

The main motive of this special cell for homebuyers in Noida will be to give out all the important details and information to the homebuyer, about the particular realty project he is investing in. The cell will act as a savior to the homebuyers who are deceived or duped by developers who are involved in the construction of illegal housing projects in Noida.

This specialized cell for homebuyers in Noida is badly required as there are various realtors who take up illegal housing projects in Noida, unaccompanied by the important approvals from authorities. And when the Noida Authority finally takes the action of demolishing the project, it is the homebuyers who have to suffer and bear the consequences.

The Noida Authority will charge a nominal fee from the homebuyers who want a proper inquiry about a particular project to know about its credibility.

Ironically, the homebuyers are questioning even the coming up of these illegal housing projects in Noida. According to them, they should not be given the permission in the first place, rather than taking action when the project is almost complete. The authority should make sure that if the project is illegal it should be stopped immediately.

Around 80 housing projects in Noida are swinging mid-way because of many reasons which also includes the scarcity of funds. The cell will inform the buyer if the project he is investing in is stuck in between or not and also whether it has dues pending on it.

There is no particular date decided for the formation of this special cell for homebuyers in Noida, but it is expected to be executed soon. As per the orders from the new Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, credibility and transparency should be focused on in all the public departments which is bound to improve the welfare of the people.