quirky Ideas for home decorTo add a unique presentation to your home, adding a quirk touch to  home decor is no longer a taboo. After all a home is a visual representation of its occupants, hence a vast range of quirky decor items for quirky home decor are available in the market. Number of entrepreneur, artists and designers are held responsible for the creation of such stuffs. An eyesore in a past can become a great artisan decor stuff of present by adding some art work to it.

Hook on to Appropriate Accessory
In order to brighten up a dull decor, a tinge of quirkiness is essential. The selection is tricky but make sure to buy an art work which has its own identity. Quirky can be humorous, shocking, playful or curiosity evoking but it must be eye-catchy. Say a coffee mug which looks like a cactus plant or an ashtray resembling Indian loos are some of the Quirky art decor ideas.

Tips to Add a Quirky Decor Element to Your House

Photo Frames
assymtrical vintage of photo framesAsymmetric alignment of framed photographs in neon-shades can add a fun element.

Waste Materials
wine bottles lampAn artistic twist to waste materials for home decor available within house including old furniture say old wooden stool or an empty liquor bottle painted in some eye-catchy colours can work wonders.

Art on Wall
mannatA vibrant street art over the wall with brick-finish catches instant attention.

Recycled Items
recycled bottles
Add some of the recycled items for home decor such as Bottles’ bases for planting purposes or old metal bucket taps as hooks to add a quirky element

Cushion Covers
cushion coverInspired by Indian traditional designs are a fun way to add a stunning Indian flavour to the decor of your house.

Make sure that the pieces of art that you use don’t look tacky or cheap.

These simple yet elegant ideas will definitely make your decor stand out of a usual one. Don’t restrict your quirky decor to few selected pieces. Extend them as much as possible with your own creative ideas.

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