topHome is where the heart is, and therefore, we try to make all possible efforts to make it look beautiful and impressive. Whether it is time or money, we do invest a lot in designing our homes to get the look we have always desired. But what we forget is that even a small decorating mistake can spoil the entire hard work. And we are talking about very common home decorating mistakes that most of us do and are not even aware of, which can blemish the appearance of your home.

But you don’t have to worry, since we are giving you a small list of common home décor mistakes which can be easily avoided to leave your home flawless.

Here we go –

1. Stuffing bulky furniture in small rooms1 furniture in small roomsEverything has a place of its own and bulky furniture is a big No-No for small rooms. Bulky furniture can make your small room look even smaller and can make you feel suffocated and claustrophobic. Your guests will also feel as if they are not able to get fresh air and that is probably the last thing you want for your guests.
Formula – If you are looking for furniture pieces for a small room then look for light wood and colours that reflect light like white, beige or yellow.

2. Paintings and artworks that are out of vision2 paintingsIf you are buying expensive or antique artwork, then it is very important to flaunt it properly! There will be no point left if the painting is hanged too high or in a way which hides its beauty as it will kill the whole vibe of that artwork.
Formula – You must always make sure that the paintings or artwork is hanged at an eye-level to make them prominently displayed.

3. Buying rug that is inappropriate for the room3 large rug shouldYou may not have realized it but a rug plays a very significant role in your home décor. The right one can totally make an ever-lasting impression while the wrong one can spoil the entire look. If the rugs are too large, they can over shadow every other thing in the room. if the rugs are too small, they will muddle up the appearance.
Formula – A large rug should be bought for the living room or drawing room while, your bedside should have the smaller ones!

4. Forgetting a thing called ‘Scale’ exists!4 Forgetting a thing called ‘Scale’ existsWhen we are buying furniture for our homes, we tend to ignore the size of the furniture. We don’t consider it very important. If everything in your room is of the same size, then obviously your room will look plain and dull.
Formula – You must have a blend of shapes and sizes that complement each other perfectly and even enhance each other’s beauty.

5. Not giving importance to light5 experiment with different colours of lights tooWhat importance would everything in a room hold, if there is not proper lighting? Nothing! People generally forget to fill the room with lights.
Formula – Have various sources of lighting fixtures in a room instead of just one overhead light. You can experiment with different colours of lights too.

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